Pruning Knife

Pruning Knife
Pruning Knife
Pruning Knife
Pruning Knife

Handcrafted, traditional poclet size Pruning Knife


  • Sharp stainless steel blade for clean and efficient cutting

  • Curved blade allows each cut to be completed in one pass

  • Folding blade for safe storage with safety lock mechanis,

  • 70mm blade folds into a 100mm handle

  • Ergonomic hardwood handle for comfort

  • Handy hanging hook

  • 5-year guarantee


  • Ideal for pruning with minimal damage to a plant

  • For pruning roses, small shrubs and all green live wood

  • Can also be used to clean up larger cuts and to trim away frayed bark

Product Specification

  • Cutting diameter 10mm

To keep these blades in good condition wipe with an oiled cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary

Product Code / SKU: 70100436