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Christmas Tree Care

Keeping your Christmas tree maintained is a tremendous way to put on a terrific tree display even after the festive season has ended.

Planting Made Simple

Planting is the bread and butter of the gardening world and, contrary to popular belief, winter is a great time to get started.

Spring bulb planting season

Autumn is now well and truly upon us and for many gardeners, this means it’s time to start planting bulbs for spring.

Kids & School Holidays

The school holidays are a fantastic opportunity to get kids out in the garden.

Cultivation and Digging

Autumn is not the end of the gardening year but the start of next year’s growing season.

Manicure and Topiary

There's something so satisfying about a perfectly trimmed hedge or an expertly manicured lawn.

How do reduce strain when gardening

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that can be so rewarding

Love your lawn

Repair, Improve, Maintain

Essential Tips for the New Gardener

We were all new gardeners once

Top Tips for a Weed Free Garden

How to keep your garden clear of undesirables!