Cool cultivating kids

Cool cultivating kids

Banish boredom this summer holidays with these fun gardening projects I can guarantee kids will love. The Kent & Stowe kids range offer a range of tools that are designed to be significantly smaller than regular tools, suitable for children 4 years and up they’ll be a gardening pro in no time!

Pleasant planting

DIY projects get kids outside enjoying the fresh air this summer and one of my favourite things to do
with them is planting. There are two ways to do this: either plant up something that’s bright and in
colour now or sow something that you can watch take root and grow together. If your little ones are
eager to see the reward for their hard work, I’d start with repotting a summer‐flowering plant that’s
in its prime to first spark an interest. Take a visit to your local garden centre and ask them to pick out
the plant they like the most or go for something like hardy geranium cultivar 'Gerwat'.

Choose a sunny spot with partial shade and these bowl‐shaped blooms will grow well in moist, welldrained
soil— kids will love their beautiful blue hues. As these are ideal for ground cover, you can
also get your little ones painting patterns on stones and pebbles to jazz up their planting patch.

Before you start sowing, prepare the soil using the kids hand trowel to remove any weeds, this is
good practice and will give them variety, keeping them engaged. With the kids garden rake they can
rake the soil to a crumbly texture before planting. Made with high quality ash wood and stainless
steel, these tools are hardy enough to get the job done whilst still being lightweight and easy to use
for your little growing gardener.

Muddy madness
One thing we can be sure of is that kids absolutely love to make a mess! Mud pies are magic because
they can be made anywhere where you have soil close to hand. Meaning they can really get their
hands dirty! Get them stuck in by mixing together the dirt and water together to create a compact
cake. Using found foliage such as petals and stones, they can be decorated until their hearts content.

Another way to keep their hands dirty is to create a vegetable patch. Grow summer loving crops,
that can be sown in August, such as cabbages, turnips or radishes. Turnips can be planted late
summer for an autumn harvest. Beans and cucumbers are great this time of year because they have
less of a maturing time, meaning you can plant and pick them during the summer holidays. Using the
kids hand fork they can begin aerating the soil before adding in compost and planting the seeds
straight into the dirt. Giving them their own container pot each, they can learn the fundamentals of
cultivating ‐ teaching them to be responsible for their own plant or project.

Fruits of labour
If you really want to teach your kids how to harvest the fruits of their labour, try going on a fruit
picking hunt by picking strawberries, raspberries and other summer fruits you may have planted
earlier in the year. These can be turned into scrumptious jams they can devour on a summer picnic.
If you happen to have any fruits that have outgrown their containers, kids can help to repot them.
They can help to work out how large the planting hole needs to be by measuring the roots and then.
with the kids digging spade, dig a hole deep and wide enough to cover before popping it into the

70100955-Kids-Digging-Fork.jpgPerhaps try planting a miniature wildflower garden, that will not only be a spectacular summer display but also encourage pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Opt for the pretty purples of cornflowers and common knapweed to attract them in. Show your little ones that nectar sources come in all shapes and sizes, like herbs. Sticking with the purple theme, sow some purple basil and sage in late summer—a great way to get them using all their senses.

With all that time and glorious weather ahead of them, there really is no better time to teach
budding gardeners all the joys of working outdoors. And with the brilliant Kent & Stowe kids range,
it’s never been easier for them to join in with the gardening fun.