Gardening deeds should be injury free

Gardening deeds should be injury free

A lot of the time we get used to the rusty well-loved tools we’ve had lying around for years, but there are a whole host of modern implements out there that no longer have to put a strain on your body.

Kent and Stowe offer a fantastic range of comfortable tools in a stunning traditional design and ergonomically designed tools like this go a long way towards injury prevention when you’re out and about enjoying yourself in the garden.

Easy breezy kneeling
As we all know, gardening is great for getting in touch with nature and part of the fun is getting your hands dirty. However, knee pain can strike when we’re getting stuck into low beds and borders. But don’t let the pull of digging up weeds put a sprain in your stride, there are some great ways to care for your kneecaps. Knee pads or a soft cushion are an effective way to limit pain and what you want is a garden kneeler – knee heaven! My top tip is always prevention first, so it’s a smart idea to do some simple stretches first to prepare your muscles for working hard. Certain repetitive activities, such as clipping back roses or raking up leaves, can cause strain from overusing the same muscles. Try switching it up by taking small breaks in between.
To really get to the root of the problem, I would also recommend opting for a lightweight hand tool. No garden shed is complete without a hand trowel. The stainless steel hand trowel has a deep dish that allows you to fully load it up, reducing the amount of time you’re having to work. And it’s not just our knees that can feel the burden. The contoured handle of the Kent & Stowe hand trowel gives you a relaxed grip delivering you a comfortable ease of use, so you don’t strain wrist muscles during use.
Weeding freedom

70100076-SS-Hand-Trowel-In-use-(Landscape).jpgAs soon as the weather starts warming up, we’re dusting off lawnmowers and planning trips to the garden centre for our latest horticultural endeavour. Gardening in the midday sun isn’t always the best idea you can run the risk of heat exhaustion. So, whilst I encourage everyone to get outdoors on those beautiful summer days, it is always best to avoid the longer gardening jobs when the temperature is at its highest. When you are exerting energy always be sure to drink plenty of water as dehydration can bring on muscle pain too.

During those sunny spells, weeds like to start sprouting. Regular hoeing can keep them at bay, but I’d opt for the Dutch hoe. It makes it easy to uproot weeds, getting right under the surface of the soil and it harnesses a simple slicing action with a sharp front facing blade that uses a push-pull motion—it’s as easy as slicing bread! Stand tall and proud with the garden life stainless steel Dutch hoe with its lengthy handle of 13cm to give you ease of movement without work becoming back breaking!

70100720-Garden-Life-Dutch-Hoe-Closeup-(1).jpgFor those times you want to get grafting in the garden, I would always have a pair of gardening gloves on hand—especially when pulling up those more stubborn weeds as these will give you a good grip. A good grip is vital for controlling the use of your tools and prevent slipups or potentially-hazardous blunders and will save your hands from unnecessary blisters and bruises.
Shovelling soil

Don’t be fooled into thinking digging requires little technique, there’s a certain knack that can minimise unnecessary damage to your joints when manoeuvring big piles of soil. Instead of leaning into your work, to get shovelling soil like a pro I recommend keeping your back straight—just use small controlled motions whilst keeping the tool close to your body. The garden life stainless steel digging spade is both compact and lightweight—perfect for when you need to dig harder soil areas. Weighing just 1.10kg, you can garden for longer with increased manoeuvrability.

The spade’s best friend, the garden fork go hand in hand. With a myriad of uses, the carbon steel long handled fork is fantastic for planting and light cultivation. Measuring at 125cm in length, its lovely long handle makes turning over soil of borders and flower beds a breeze. Of course, whilst a long-handled tool is great for the taller individual, if you are smaller in size you may prefer a fork with a shorter handle as this can play a difference in how strenuous a task gardening will be on your back. With 4 prongs, the fork is a necessary implement when it comes to loosening tougher soil and when forged with carbon steel it gives that extra oomph. So, let the tool do the work for you and you’ll be sitting back and admiring all your hard work in no time.

There are a shedload of ways to easily avoid garden related injuries. Whether it’s a maintenance weeding, or simply bending down to repot your plants, Kent and Stowe offer a fantastic range of lighter weight tools that will make pulling up those tough weeds a doddle, so you can garden to your heart’s (and back’s) content.